Tax laws are complex and interdependent and as a consequence the advisory services that we can provide you with are not capable of being commoditised. However, we are happy to offer you a free initial consultation to discuss your situation and requirements.

Examples of what we can assist you with:

Tax return preparation

  • Preparation of Swiss Federal and Cantonal/Municipal tax returns
  • Review of related tax assessments and writing of necessary appeals
  • Preparation of extension requests
  • Clearing questions in regard to international and intercantonal tax allocation
  • Filing claims for correction of withholding tax (e.g. for cross-border commuters)
Please note that we do NOT prepare U.S. tax returns.
If you wish we can coordinate the preparation of your U.S. tax return with a specialized U.S. tax consultant who is located in Switzerland. // We can then arrange the document transfer to the U.S. tax preparer and they will be able to prepare your U.S. tax filings from the Swiss documents. You will only have to provide them a minimal amount of additional documents. Contact us for more info.
Alternatively, you can prepare the U.S tax return yourself. An easy and affordable way to do this is by using the software on

Tax consultation and advice

Tax consultation can encompass a number of areas, and can be for the benefit of the corporate employer, an individual, or both. A sample of the services available follows:

  • Clarification of tax residency status based on the provisions in the double taxation treaties
  • Advising corporate and private clients on Swiss and international tax matters (direct taxes, withholding taxes, stamp duties, real-estate tax)
  • Writing of tax ruling requests to the various cantonal and federal administrations
  • Managing tax affairs of international assignees of Swiss multinational companies
  • Organising and running of workshops for alien employees of Swiss companies informing them on the cornerstones of the Swiss tax system
  • Tax planning and scenario simulations