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Tax Return Checklist

Here is the list of information & documents generallyneeded for your tax return preparation:

List of required documents & information.pdf List of required documents & information.pdf
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New Source Tax Regulation 2021

New source tax rules as from 1 Jan 2021:

Tax Filing Process

How tax filing works with us:

Information sheet_tax filing process.pdf Information sheet_tax filing process.pdf
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Switzerland's Tax System

Here's a comprehensive guide to Swiss taxes:

A guide to Swiss taxes (2017).pdf A guide to Swiss taxes (2017).pdf
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Property abroad

The impact of real estate property abroad on Swiss taxes:

Information leaflet_real estate abroad.pdf Information leaflet_real estate abroad.pdf
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Expat deductions

Individuals qualifying as expats in the meaning of the Expatriates Ordinance can claim special professional deductions:

Information leaflet_expat deductions.pdf Information leaflet_expat deductions.pdf
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